EtaBits is a web consultancy, development and solutions firm, combining expertise and user experience to cater to the specific needs of every client and user.


Website Health Check

There is much more to a health check than the examination of basic functionality, whether for websites or web apps. To be secure, accessible, easy to use, user-friendly, and of a high-performance are the prerequisites for a website to appeal to users. The conent's optimization and re-usability guarantee its sustained health ahead.

Our focus is to help you have a website that has:


Penetration testing and security checks are carried out by a team of experts.

Accessibility & Usability

A website's compatibility with the variety of devices, with all kinds of Internet connection properties, and with the wide array of users make it accessible and usable for everyone, everywhere.

Optimized, User & Search Engine Friendly Content

Original content is not the end of story, as it also has to be well-organized and optimized to link the user to whatever he might search for.

Creative commons, public domain, or copyrighted content... Having proper knowledge of content publication and copyright helps you to define the way people use and share your content and guarantees protection of your rights.

Competence & High Performance

Fast response is essential for users. If your app or website is slow, you will lose your users to your competitor's app or website.

Website Development & Solutions

We create websites that incorporate the above-mentioned properties, websites that are secure, usable, accessible, content-optimized, user and search-engine friendly, properly-copyrighted and fast!

Web Hosting

Our servers in Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are there to meet your needs.

Domain Name Registration

We help you to choose the right domain for your business: .com, .net, .org, … etc.

Service Levels


We are here to answer your questions, clarify your confusion, and give you an overview of the available options.

Testing & Reporting

Our team is always ready to undertake penetration tests, content review, health check and report problems and issues with the best recommendations on how to approach and solve them.

Implementation & Supervision

Our team offers its supervision to pin down problems and implement the best solutions, whether working on your website directly, or with your in-house / 3rd-party team.

Integrated Solutions

Whether you like to be informed about all the aspects of a successful website or you do not want to get involved in technical details, you can trust our comprehensive and well-studied solutions.

Additional Services

Our network of collaborators guarantees the best and most up-to-date solutions for all your technological needs, ranging from high-end mobile applications, to everyday maintenance tasks.

We aim at the best end-product, its maintenance and updates in the post-delivery phase.

Mobile Applications

We offer you the right product, tailored to your specific needs, whether native Android, iOS, or HTML5 Apps.

Networking Setups and Solutions

Need a LAN solution for your home or workplace? Our specialists will walk you through the possible options and solutions, all the pros and cons, and implement the solution of your choice.

Maintenance & IT Management

Our network of IT managers and maintenance experts can help you with your everyday IT-related needs, whether updating your company's software, fixing your non-functional printer, or planning the platform to use for your next project!


Open Source

EtaBits is an active member of the Open Source community. We build upon the solid grounds provided with open-source software: GNU, Linux, Nginx, Node.js, PHP, MySQL... and the list goes on.

This very site is created using open-source tools, and its complete source is available at etabits/website.


We pay it forward! Our team has contributed with excellent open-source modules for everyone to use: